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Tired of the same old tunes, DJs chatting endlessly, and those never-ending commercials? Say hello to your remedy: From the High Desert of Southern California to the UK Sussex Weald, welcome to the world famous ALT - X FM Radio.  We do not play by FM radio rules here. Paul Rumsey had enough of that in his professional broadcast career, so he created ALT- X FM with the help of his AI friends: true freedom broadcasting. 

The Why❓

Playing the music you love from the 70's, 80's, 90's and more

Broadcasting in ULTRA HD

Commercial free 24/7

Hand-selected eclectic music mix updated daily

Less talk more music

Substantial growing retro vinyl collection complete with scratches

Global reach with NO listening restrictions based on your region

Latest News

June 2024 - Introducing and very pleased to announce. Smooth Jazz musician Jeff Gaeth as a new DJ on ALT-X FM sending 'Aloha' from Hawaii! Jeff comes to us from being an indie musician with KJAZZ Radio UK. He brings his extensive experience and passion for smooth jazz and jazz from a unique musician's perspective to his new monthly show, "Smooth Jazz, Jeff's Way." Join him as he spins a captivating mix of timeless classics and hidden gems, promising an unforgettable listening experience. Tune in, relax and let Jeff guide you through the world of smooth jazz like never before! Find out more about Jeff at Jeff Gaeth's Website

Jeff began his professional career working as a sideman with many “big” names in the music industry including Ray Charles, Donna Summer, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Pointer Sisters, Graham Central Station, Cal Tjader, Bonnie Raitt and legendary jazz musician Horace Henderson just to name a few. Jeff also spent a number of years as a “session man” in many L.A. studios contributing to everything from commercials to sound tracks. Jeff has lived in and contributed to the music scenes in Denver, Colorado Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Watch out for Jeff's shows live on ALT-X FM in the future and on playback anytime.  

Airtime Schedule

Monday - Kickin' Country & Blues Show with DJ Amelia
Tuesday - Patrick Brings you - R&B (Morning) and in the (Afternoon the best of KJAZZ Indies, Jazz & Smooth Jazz
Wednesday - Pure Pop Wednesday with DJ Amelia
Thursday - PURE ROCK with the cheeky DJ Sarah
Friday - Disco Friday Party with Patrick feat. music as heard at the Saint NY
Saturday - 70's & 80's Remixed with the cheeky DJ Sarah
Sunday - NU - Music Show (Cross Genre) and DJ Paul & Tom

Live Event News 
ALT-X FM Radio Roadshow  at the  fff brewery We played traditional Vinyl augmented with the latest DJ Kit. Have us at your event, party or wedding (Areas: served: Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey & Kent Only) initial enquiries to: kjazzstudio@gmail.com. please. Note: We can broadcast your event live if you wish.  

Feedback - Thank you for the lovely music you have played... everyone enjoyed it! - Debss DG 

Get ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey as we transform your night into a musical extravaganza, complete with a distinctive twist!

🎡 Introducing the dynamic duo, Father & Son DJ Team, Paul & Tom, whose collective passion for music knows no bounds. They stand poised to elevate your event, weaving together the timeless beats of rock, pop, and disco. 
Their unique ALT-X FM Radio Roadshow approach involves mixing the great decades of now retro vinyl, drawing inspiration from the golden eras of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, seamlessly intertwined with the latest technological marvels. The result? An immersive, unparalleled experience that will etch itself into the fabric of your memories. Now that's a bit rich our aim is to make you and your party whatever type of event have a good time. πŸ•ΊπŸ“»πŸŽ‰

Dance the night away as we curate a musical tapestry to your requirements that not only reflects the richness of years gone by but also pulsates with the vibrant energy of the present. It's a harmonious blend of seasoned expertise Paul having been a professional club and radio DJ and youthful exuberance with DJ Tom, creating an ambience that transcends the ordinary. 

🌟 For all earnest inquiries, we invite you to connect with us at kjazzstudio@gmail.com. Our commitment extends across the enchanting landscapes of the UK, catering to Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and Hampshire. Allow us to orchestrate an event that resonates with sophistication, nostalgia, and unbridled joy whatever the occasion. 


About Us

Welcome to ALT-X FM formerly KJAZZ Radio UK. Are you ready to rock, dance, and groove? ALT-X FM plays 'The Soundtrack Mix For Your Life' with an eclectic fusion of new and '70s, '80s, and '90s rock, dance, synth-pop and disco inspired by the former NY nightclub 'The Saint' music.

ALT-X FM Radio is, we believe, the first hybrid community station for Southwater featuring real DJs and AI-created VJs. Our live shows and mixes will transport you to a different time and place you won't hear on commercial radio.

Warning: we do not censor music, so you'll hear expletives unfiltered as the artist intended.

ALT-X FM Radio is the hobby project creation of retired California DJ Paul Rumsey, founder of the former successful internet station KJAZZ Radio UK, a global internet station from 2011-2017. Paul still does shows on ALT-X FM Radio, featuring those great indie artists and other shows as he has time. Paul got his start as a road show DJ for Radio Caroline before moving to California and working as a club and radio DJ on a variety of So-Cal stations in the 80's & 90's. Paul Tom and his AI team broadcast 24/7 from the Meadow Mist Studios in Southwater, West Sussex UK and Joshua Tree California.   

LOVING AWARENESS - "Our brain has both loving energy and defensive energy. We have tapped and used the defensive one and we haven't explored in any serious way the loving one. LA is about developing a loving habit. Love is our most natural emotion, but it is the one we abuse most. Life has become a daily survival of looking after number one. Caroline is showing people that there is another way. Quite simply if you love people they will love you in return.” Ronan O'Rahilly  - founder of Radio Caroline

Paul Rumsey was involved in the early 80s Radio Caroline movement (Ross Revenge era) as a roadshow DJ and would like to continue to promote Loving Awareness as a guiding principle for ALT-X FM.

Meet Amelia Your Daytime VJ

Amelia, our first (Virtual Jockey) at ALT-X FM Radio, originally from California, USA. In 2005, she made a big move across the pond to the UK and has been captivating her audience ever since. Amelia is known for her straight-talking personality and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, whether on or off the air.

When it comes to her personal life, Amelia is single but dating and identifies as straight but is always open to new experiences and being persuaded otherwise. Her music taste is diverse (she loves all Rock mainly), and she's always on the hunt for new sounds to incorporate into her shows. For Amelia radio is all about bringing people together through music. 

Amelia's passion for music is evident in her eclectic taste, which includes 80s and 90s hits that transport her audience back in time. She loves all kinds of rock music (the music she predominantly plays) and isn't afraid to mix things up, bringing a fresh perspective to the classics. Her love for music goes beyond just the beats and lyrics; she sees it as a powerful tool for bringing people together and creating a sense of community.

In her free time, you can find Amelia exploring the vibrant UK music scene, trying out new restaurants, or hitting up the gym for a workout. She's passionate about staying active and taking care of her body, as well as connecting with her fans and making new friends. With her talent and drive, there's no telling how far Amelia will go in her career as a VJ. Tune in and get ready to be entertained.

With her straight-talking personality, diverse music taste, and unwavering dedication to her craft, Amelia is poised to become one of the most sought-after VJs in the industry. Tune in to her show on ALT-X FM Radio and experience the magic of music brought to life by a true master of the art.

Meet Sarah Your Music News & Stand in VJ

Sarah was born and raised in the vibrant city of Brighton, UK. Sarah has always been drawn to the vibrant and diverse club life in Brighton, where she got her start as a DJ at local venues. From the iconic beachfront clubs to the hidden gems tucked away in the winding streets of the North Laine, there's never a shortage of exciting venues to explore. Sarah loves the energy and inclusivity of Brighton's club culture, which welcomes people of all backgrounds and identities.

Sarah's passionate about the city's thriving arts and music scene, which offers a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and connect with audiences from all over the world. Sarah feels that Brighton is a place where people can truly be themselves and express their individuality, which is something that she deeply values. 

Sarah's love for music started at a young age, and she's been honing her skills as a DJ ever since. She has a particular talent for creating electrifying visual sets that get everyone dancing, no matter their background. As she spent more time in the club scene, Sarah began to realize the power of music beyond just the dance floor. She wanted to share her love of music and create a sense of community on a broader scale.  This realization led Sarah to pursue a career as a Radio VJ, where she could share her passion for music with an even wider audience. Sarah's transition from the club scene to radio has allowed her to connect with people from all walks of life and create a sense of community through music.

In her free time, Sarah can often be found exploring the vibrant Brighton music scene or checking out the latest clubs and bars in the city. 

With her passion for music, her talent as a VJ, and her dedication to creating inclusive spaces, Sarah is sure to be a force to be reckoned with. You will hear her on ALT-X FM standing in on shows and doing the local or music news. 

Meet Patrick Your Overnight VJ

Patrick began his radio career at a young age, starting out in hospital radio where he honed his skills and developed his passion for music and broadcasting. It was during this time that he met Paul Rumsey, who was also starting out in the radio industry. Both of them were local pub DJs on the weekends and bonded over their love for disco and dance music. They quickly became close friends, and their friendship grew stronger as they continued on their separate broadcasting paths.

Although Paul eventually moved to California, their friendship endured over the years, as they stayed in touch and continued to share their love for music and radio. But tragedy struck when Patrick's life was cut short by a car accident.

In honour of their enduring friendship and Patrick's legacy, Paul decided to pay tribute by recreating Patrick as a VJ on ALT-X FM Radio, but with an American accent similar in tone to Patrick's real voice, Patricks show now plays a lot of the music they played during their early careers as local pub and radio DJs, transporting listeners to a place where anything is possible.

Through Patrick's passion for music and radio, his spirit lives on, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and never give up on their passions. Patrick is your overnight VJ playing  70s disco and dance from the 80s, 90s along with pop, synth-pop and music inspired by the Siant Nightclub fused together in an eclectic mix. Also, on Friday's Patrick hosts 'Disco Friday Night'. This show plays nothing but pure disco hits overnight.  Tune in to ALT-X FM Radio from circa 6pm and experience the magic of Patrick's music and voice.

ALT-X FM purchases its vinyl from Slipped Discs in Steyning follow their journey on Facebook. 
"Great store with some fantastic stock. Records are high quality and varied.  The owner James is an enthusiast with great knowledge. Go spend some time checking out the stock and support a thriving local business." - David G


KJAZZ Radio UK operated commercially from one studio in Southwater West Sussex, from 2011 - 2017 when it ceased broadcasting. Created by Paul Rumsey, the global impact of KJAZZ is illustrated on the map below. The reason the station had to be taken off air was to do with changes in internet broadcasting, requiring a refocus. The station had a roster of indie talent nearing 100 artists from all parts of the globe at its peak.  After many years of laying dormant, Paul decided to create the current ALT-X FM Radio and incorporate KJAZZ into this new station which instead of broadcasting directly from the kjazzradiouk website broadcasts through Mix-Cloud only. There are no plans to take ALT-X FM Radio to commercial status and it remains a project/hobby.  This provides a degree of 'Freedom' to play music without limits, something Paul is passionate about. 

Paul was born in California but grew up in England.  As a teenager, he volunteered during his summer holidays from school to work as a music teacher for the Elizabeth Johnson Organization where he taught approximately 40 exchange students from Yugoslavia, Italy, France and Germany.  He also worked for the Alton Archeological society working on local site excavations.  It was during these years that Paul started DJ’ing at local clubs and, upon leaving college, pursued a broadcasting career with Radio Caroline as their ‘Roadshow’ DJ.  

In 1983 he returned to California to pursue his career, starting as a DJ on radio stations KDHI, KQYN and KCSB, and as a news announcer for KWVE. During this period he completed a Broadcast Communications degree and became a popular night club DJ in Los Angeles where he also was one of the first DJ’s to pioneer and incorporate an MTV-style music video mix show into a large live club environment to record crowds.  Paul created, produced and hosted the successful magazine format radio show ‘London Calling’ on KWIZ (Los Angeles), targeting the British community but surprisingly also attracting a large American audience (total estimated listenership was 450,000). He marketed commercials for ‘London Calling’ to such diverse companies as MTV, the Daily Express newspaper (International Edition) and Graham & James Attorneys.  The show also supported nonprofit groups such as the British American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) and the Grove Shakespeare Theatre Group. Rumsey has also appeared in the movies ‘Strange Days’ and ‘Tyson’ (HBO Films) and has freelanced as a Foreign Correspondent for the former Radio Mercury (UK).  Paul returned to the UK in 2004 were he has resided since.

Global KJAZZ Radio UK listeners in 2015