About - Paul Rumsey

From Radio Caroline to ALT-X FM Radio

Rumsey was born in California (US Citizen) but grew up in England. As a teenager, he volunteered during his summer holidays from school to work as a music teacher for the Elizabeth Johnson Organization where he taught approximately 40 exchange students from Yugoslavia, Italy, France, and Germany. He also worked for the Alton Archeological Society working on local site excavations. It was during these years that Rumsey started DJ’ing at his local Youth Club and then local clubs & pubs.
Austin Powers helped write the following Bio bits.

Wild 80s as a Radio & Club DJ and a bit of Television

Upon his college graduation, Rumsey dove headfirst into a broadcasting career with Radio Caroline as their 'Roadshow' DJ during the '80s. It was a time of vibrant fashion, catchy tunes, and epic parties. Rumsey rocked the airwaves, dressed to the nines, and brought the ultimate '80s vibes to listeners everywhere. Travelling to various locations, he kept the Radio Caroline spirit alive, making him a standout DJ.

Oh, groovy times in 1983, baby! Rumsey jetted back to California to kickstart his entertainment career, starting out as a DJ on some righteous radio stations like KDHI, KQYN, and KCSB. But that's not all, folks! He also stepped into the limelight as a news announcer and backup DJ for none other than Jed The Fish on KWVE, broadcasting across most of Southern California with the electrifying 'Nightwave' show. And you won't believe it, he was on fire during this period, completing a Broadcast Communications degree and becoming one of the hottest nightclub DJs in the Los Angeles and Orange County scene. Picture Rumsey with his slick threads, dazzling the dance floors with the latest '80s hits. But here's the kicker, baby, he was a trailblazer, one of the first DJs to bring an MTV-style music video mix show to the massive live club scene, and the crowds went absolutely wild. Rumsey was the man of the hour, lighting up California's nightlife with his sensational tunes and groovy vibes. Yeah, baby, he was the DJ sensation of the '80s, and his legacy lives on!

Oh, smashing, baby! In 1989, after diving headfirst into the world of television production, mastering lighting, camera wizardry, and production techniques, Rumsey became the Producer of 'World of Flying,' a weekly aviation show that soared to great heights. But that's not all, folks! He went on to create and produce the award-winning 'Amateur Comedy Showcase.' Talk about mojo, baby! Rumsey was on fire, shining in the TV biz and making audiences laugh their Austin Powers off with his comedy genius. Yeah, baby, he was the man behind the camera and the laughter in front of it, all in the swingin' '80s!

Cooler 90s Bob Hope, Music Management and More Radio

Oh, groovy transition to the '90s, baby! In the early '90s, Rumsey was the Production Coordinator extraordinaire, working his mojo on the legendary 'Bob Hope U.S.O. Show' in dazzling Las Vegas and other star-studded arena events all over California. Can you dig it? But wait, there's more! Our man Rumsey didn't stop there. He rocked the '90s by starting his very own music management company, steering the careers of country sensations like Craig C., Kris N., and other rising stars. He was in cahoots with the A-list music heroes of the day, creating musical magic left and right. And, baby, talk about hitting the big time – upon the suggestion of Randy Travis' then Manager, the fabulous Liz Hatcher, Rumsey got nominated, and his company 'Rumsey Entertainment' was welcomed into the prestigious Country Music Association. Yeah, baby, he was making waves in the world of country music, and the '90s were never the same!

Oh, smashing, baby! After his epic early '90s adventures, Rumsey went on to create, produce, and host the absolutely fab radio show 'London Calling' on KWIZ in Los Angeles. Yeah, baby, it was a magazine-format show that aimed to cater to the British community in LA, but guess what? It attracted a whopping estimated listenership of 450,000, and not just from UK expats Surprisingly, it drew in a massive American audience too, making it hotter than a volcano lair. Oh, quite the story, baby! Rumsey's 'London Calling' radio show was a sensation, attracting listeners from all walks of life. And get this, even some famous cats like Patrick Stewart and Rod Stewart were rumoured to be tuning in! Can you believe it? Captain Picard and the "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" legend grooving to Rumsey's tunes on the airwaves. It was a star-studded affair, making 'London Calling' the place to be for all the cool cats, both British and American alike! Yeah, baby, yeah! But that's not all, folks! Rumsey was a marketing maven, selling commercials for 'London Calling' to a groovy mix of companies, from MTV to the Daily Express newspaper (International Edition), and even Graham & James Attorneys. He was like the Austin Powers of advertising, baby! And, you know what? The show had a heart of gold, supporting nonprofit groups like the British American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) and the Grove Shakespeare Theatre Group. Rumsey was not just a DJ; he was a charitable champion of international proportions, baby! Yeah, 'London Calling' was the place to be on the airwaves!

Oh, groovy baby! Rumsey was quite the mover and shaker in Hollywood. He had cameo appearances in the movies 'Strange Days' and 'Tyson' (HBO Films), making his mark on the silver screen.
But that's not all, baby! He even dabbled as a Foreign Correspondent for the hip and happening Radio Mercury in the UK. Yeah, Rumsey was jet-setting around the world, reporting on all things fascinating and fabulous. He was like the international macho man of mystery, baby, keeping the airwaves and the big screen sizzling with his presence!
In the late 90's Rumsey worked as Marketing and Publicity Manager and Consultant for Bodyman Fitness Group. He also worked as an Executive Assistant for the BACC (now British American Business Council, OC Chapter) in California. He had varied responsibilities including working with visiting dignitaries, celebrities, and local business leaders. His main focus was on fundraising and event production and management, a highlight of which was having a one-to-one lunch with Richard Branson…someone he had admired for years.
In 1997 Rumsey made the decision to part from the world of entertainment and focus solely on his IT management career.
A return to his Radio roots

In 2011 Rumsey set up an online radio station, kjazzradiouk.com, which reached a global audience and with over 100 indie musicians on its playlist. Publicized only by social media and featuring musicians from around the world. He closed the station in 2016

In 2022 Rumsey started ALT-X FM Radio as a hobby AI project.

Rumsey also enjoys flying whenever he can, a highlight of which was piloting a former military jet (Folland Gnat), which saw service with the Red Arrows. Rumsey is a committee member of the British Computer Society, excited about AI, his vision for BCS Sussex & Surrey is to engage in supporting the university students as they are the future. A keen astronomer he has participated in events and talked on the subject to students over the years. Fast Facts:

  • Radio and Television: Announcer, host, producer, cameraman, production editor, DJ.
  • Hon. Doctorate Philosophy
  • Founder of the former KJAZZ Radio UK and now ALT-X FM Radio
  • Movie Appearances: ‘Strange Days’, ‘Tyson’.
  • Public Relations Work and Event Coordination:
    • British American Chamber of Commerce
    • Bob Hope and the Korean Veterans Association
    • music management and charity events.
  • Aviation
  • Astronomy
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Radio